Generic brands of consumer products (often supermarket goods) are distinguished by the absence of a brand name. It is often inaccurate to describe these products as "lacking a brand name", as they usually are branded, albeit with either the brand of the store in which they are sold or a lesser-known brand name which may not be aggressively advertised to the public. They are identified more by product characteristics.

They may be manufactured by less prominent companies, or manufactured on the same production line as a 'named' brand. Generic brands are usually priced below those products sold by supermarkets under their own brand (frequently referred to as "store brands" or "own brands"). Generally they imitate these more expensive brands, competing on price. Generic brand products are often of equal quality as a branded product; however, the quality may change suddenly in either direction with no change in the packaging if the supplier for the product changes.

Card Bus USB 2.0 4 port PCMCIA PC Card Adapter Power

Due to the fact there were a lot of generic PCMCIA (PC CARD) to USB 2.0 devices on the market drivers can be a little hard to find. At the bottom of the page are a range of drivers you can try to install the adapter on an older operating system.

EasyCap SMI Grabber/SM-USB 007 Drivers

This video capture USB device is a widely sold product to convert VHS over to a digital format. The problem with this device is the drivers either don’t work or the drivers are on a CDROM and these days people are buying computers that don’t have any optical drives. To make matters worse the CDROM is a mini-cd and they know for problems and can be used in insert CDROM drives (the ones without trays.)

The drivers that are known to work on Windows 7 upwards are below.

Generic Wireless 300n Mini Wireless USB Wifi Adapter Drivers

This the generic driver that comes with the Generic Wireless 300n Mini Wireless USB that is usually on Ebay or Amazon. If you are using Windows 10 you can pretty much plug the device in without having to install the drivers as Windows 10 does recognize the adapter and has drivers for it. In any case if you really have to install the drivers that are on the mini cd-rom that comes with the adapter they are below, because no one has a cdrom on their laptop these days.

Standard VGA Graphics Adapter Driver

Warning about scam websites.

Before you install any drivers or software from the huge range of scam websites out there, first understand what this ”Standard VGA Graphics Adapter Driver” is.

ASIO 64bit Driver Download

Audio Stream Input/Output (ASIO) is a computer sound card driver protocol for digital audio specified by Steinberg, providing a low-latency and high fidelity interface between a software application and a computer's sound card. Whereas Microsoft’s DirectSound is commonly used as an intermediary signal path for non-professional users, ASIO allows musicians and sound engineers to access external hardware directly.

HID compliant touch screen drivers Windows 10 x64

This page serves as a warning about other driver sites that offer so called tools to download touchscreen drivers for Windows 10 or 8. Firstly none of them have the drivers as they built into Windows. If your touch screen isn’t working there are few scenarios

USB Webmail Notifier Driver

  • The USB Webmail Notifier connects to your private email account when you can not, and let’s you know what is going on
  • It works in the background to inform you every time you receive a personal email and even the capacity of unread emails
  • Powered by USB, no battery required
  • Webmail Notifier supports: Gmail, Yahoo, Outlook Express/MS Office Outlook, POP3
  • IM Notifier supports: MSN Messenger / Skype
  • Easy operating software, Compatible with Windows 2000/XP/Vista (Does NOT support Linux/Mac OS)