(Dell) Intel Bluetooth Driver - Windows 10 (03)

The (Dell) Intel Bluetooth Driver is a pivotal software component that facilitates seamless Bluetooth connectivity on Dell computers equipped with Intel wireless modules, including the 3165, 7260, 7265, 8260, 8265, 9260, and 9560. This driver is essential for enabling various Bluetooth functionalities, such as file transfers, wireless peripherals, and audio accessories. It ensures that Dell systems can communicate effectively with Bluetooth devices, enhancing productivity and convenience.

Regular driver updates are crucial to address compatibility issues, security vulnerabilities, and optimize performance. By keeping the Bluetooth driver up-to-date, Dell users can experience the benefits of fast and reliable Bluetooth connections for a wide range of applications. This driver is a critical component in enhancing the overall connectivity experience on Dell laptops and desktops.

All Model numbers for this device

Latitude 5414 Rugged
Latitude 3160
Latitude 3350
Latitude 3450
Latitude 3460
Latitude 3470
Latitude 3550
Latitude 3560
Latitude 3570
Latitude 5175 2-in-1
Latitude 5179 2-in-1
Latitude 7214 Rugged Extreme
Latitude 7275
Latitude 7370
Latitude 7414 Rugged
Latitude E5250/5250
Latitude E5270
Latitude E5450/5450
Latitude E5470
Latitude E5550/5550
Latitude E5570
Latitude E7250/7250
Latitude E7270
Latitude E7450
Latitude E7470
OptiPlex 3040 Micro
OptiPlex 3040 Small Form Factor
OptiPlex 3040 Tower
OptiPlex 3046 Micro
OptiPlex 3046 Small Form Factor
OptiPlex 3046 Tower
OptiPlex 3240 All-in-One
OptiPlex 5040 Small Form Factor
OptiPlex 5040 Tower
OptiPlex 7040 Micro
OptiPlex 7040 Small Form Factor
OptiPlex 7040 Tower
OptiPlex 7440 All-In-One
Precision 3510
Precision 5720 AIO
Precision 7510
Precision 7710
XPS 12 9250
XPS 27 7760