Broadcom WIDCOMM Bluetooth Driver Vista & Windows 7 64-bit

Drivers for Broadcom WIDCOMM Bluetooth Driver are no longer available on the Broadcom website because they are typically included with Windows 10,8.1, 8 etc, but for Vista and 7 you’ll need to install them from an alternative source. There is a whole bunch of different names that these Bluetooth devices are given depending on the Vendor of the deivce like Dell, Toshiba, Lenovo, Acer, Asus, Liteon etc. So, go expand the models list below to see if your laptop/desktop is in there, because all these model are covered in the device package below.

All Model numbers for this device

20703 devices
Dell DW1830
HTC 20703 dongle
BRCM Generic 43602 20MHz
20702 devices
BRCM Generic 43142Y NGFF
43162Z BRCM Generic
Dell Wireless 1708
HP Raptor 4352+20702
HP Harrier 43142
HP Hornet 43142
HP Blackbird
20702 Ref6D Tornado Standalone
20702 Ref6D Radio Disable Standalone
20702 Ref6D 21C2 Standalone
20702 21C3 Combo
20702 21C4 Combo
20702 BCM943228HMB P303 Combo
20702 BRCM Generic 4319SDHMB
20702 BRCM Generic 4319SDB
20702 4313HMGBLREF
20702 E032 Combo
20702 0489/E031 Fujitsu Standalone
20702 0930/021A Standalone
20702A1 non-UHE 4313 combo HP Valentine
20702A1 non-UHE HP SoftSailing
20702A1 43227
20702A1 REF6 OTP single chip module
20702A1 dongles
20702A1 4313
20702A1 Acer 43228+20702 combo card
20702A1 REF6 OTP module
20702A1 4313+20702 combo
20702A1 Lenovo China
20702A1 Lenovo China
20702A1 Wolverine
20702A1 Lenovo China 43227 WLAN + 20702A1 Combo card
20702A1 Azurewave
20702 non-UHE Lenovo Japan
Lenovo Edge 43228 + 20702A1 combo
Lenovo Edge 4313 + 20702A1 combo
20702 non-UHE Generic
20702A1 Bumblebee 43228 combo
BRCM Generic 43142A0 RAMUSB
BRCM Generic 43142A0 RAMUSB (Radio Control Disabled)
BRCM Generic 43142A0 RAMUSB
BRCM Generic 43142A0 RAMUSB
BRCM Generic 43142A0 RAMUSB
BRCM Generic 43142A0 RAMUSB
Asus 43228+20702A1 combo
20702A1 Toshiba standalone
43142A0 Acer combo
20702A1 Asus Trust
Azurewave 43228+20702
Dell DW380 Nancy Blakes
LiteOn 43228+20702 combo
Acer 43228 + 20702A1 combo
LenovoChina 43142A0 combo
LenovoChina 43228+20702 combo
LiteOn 43142 combo
LiteOn 43142
Toshiba 43142
20702 standalone
20702 standalone
4352HMB Azurewave Module
4352+20702A1 combo
LiteOn 43228+20702 combo
DW1550 4352+20702 combo
Sony 43142A0 combo
Lenovo 43162 NGFF combo module
Lenovo 4352 NGFF combo module
Acer 43228 NGFF combo module
Asus 4352_20702A1 combo
4360+20702 combo card
LiteOn 4352 combo
LiteOn 4352 combo
HP 4352 combo
LiteOn 4352 combo
 4335 combo module
Liteon 43228 NGFF combo
Liteon BCM20702A1_4352
Dell Alienware 4352 combo
Toshiba 4352 combo
20702 + 4352 combo
43142 combo NGFF
43142 combo NGFF
LiteOn 43142
Acer LiteOn BCM4356A2 NGFF
Asus LiteOn BCM4356A2 NGFF
Lenovo 43162 NGFF combo
Azurewave 4360 combo
 4335 combo module
Azurewave 4352+20702 combo
43142 combo NGFF
43142 combo
Acer Foxconn BCM4356A2 NGFF
Dell DW1560 4352+20702 M.2
43142 combo
HP Luffy 43228+20702 M.2 project
Lenovo 4356 NGFF combo
ASUS Chicony BCM43142A0 HM
ASUS Chicony BCM43142A0 NGFF
Azurewave ASUS MB BCM4356A2
Azurewave ASUS NB BCM4356A2 2217NF
Azurewave BCM4356A2 NGFF
Azurewave ASUS NB BCM4356A2 2210
20702A1 4352Z+20702 combo
Zebra 4352
Dell DW1820A
Lenovo 4350C5
HP Brook 2x2ac
Acer 20702 Serial FLASH
20702A1 Serial Flash Dongle


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