Lenovo Intelligent Thermal Solution Driver

Depending on what model of Lenovo you have this technology may be installed, the driver is only for Windows 10 x64. Direct link to driver below. Also expand below to see a list of compatible models.

 lenovo intelligent thermal solution driver
Lenovo Intelligent Thermal Solution Device manager properties.


Install Instructions

Manual Install

  This section assumes to use Internet Explorer and Windows Explorer.

  Downloading file
  1. Select the underlined file name. Once this is done, some pop-up windows
     will appear.
  2. Follow the instructions on the screen.
  3. When the selection message of the Run or Save on the window, select Save.
  4. Once the download has completed, there may or may not be a message stating
     that the download completed successfully.

  Installing file
  5. Make sure to be logged on with an administrator account.
  6. Locate the folder where the file was downloaded.
  7. Locate the file that was downloaded and double-click/double-tap it.
  8. Follow the instructions on the screen.

Unattended Install

  This is for system administrators' use only.

  1. Refer to the Manual Install section, and download the file.
  2. Open command prompt with run as administrator option.
  3. At the command line, execute dpinst.exe with the following option;
     [Path where the files ware extracted]\dpinst.exe /s


Manual Uninstall

  1. Start Windows and logon with an administrator account.
  2. Open device manager.
  3. Open system devices and select "Lenovo Intelligent Thermal Solution" device.
  4. Right click the file.
  5. Choose "Uninstall device".
  6. Follow the instructions on the screen to complete uninstallation.

Full Specs/Additional configurations
Show: Full Specs/Additional configurations

This driver covers the following models of Lenovo/Thinkpad

ThinkPad 11e Gen 5       (Machine types: 20LQ, 20LR)
ThinkPad 11e Yoga Gen 6  (Machine types: 20SE, 20SF, 20XV, 20XU)
ThinkPad E14             (Machine types: 20RA, 20RB, 20WF, 20WG)
ThinkPad E14 Gen2        (Machine types: 20TA, 20TB)
ThinkPad E14 Gen3        (Machine types: 20Y7, 20YD, 20YE, 20YF)
ThinkPad E15             (Machine types: 20RD, 20RE)
ThinkPad E15 Gen2        (Machine types: 20TD, 20TE)
ThinkPad E15 Gen3        (Machine types: 20YG, 20YH, 20YJ, 20YK)
ThinkPad E490            (Machine types: 20N8, 20N9)
ThinkPad E490s           (Machine types: 20NG)
ThinkPad E495            (Machine types: 20NE)
ThinkPad E590            (Machine types: 20NB, 20NC)
ThinkPad E595            (Machine types: 20NF)
ThinkPad L13             (Machine types: 20R3, 20R4)
ThinkPad L13 Gen 1       (Machine types: 20R3, 20R4)
ThinkPad L13 Gen 2       (Machine types: 20VH, 20VJ)
ThinkPad L13 Gen 2a             (Machine types: 21AB, 21AC)
ThinkPad L13 Yoga        (Machine types: 20R5, 20R6)
ThinkPad L13 Yoga Gen 1  (Machine types: 20R5, 20R6)
ThinkPad L13 Yoga Gen 2  (Machine types: 20VK, 20VL)
ThinkPad L13 Yoga Gen 2a   (Machine types: 21AD, 21AE)
ThinkPad L14 Gen 1       (Machine types: 20U1, 20U2, 20U5, 20U6)
ThinkPad L14 Gen 2       (Machine types: 20X1, 20X2)
ThinkPad L14 Gen 2a      (Machine types: 20X5, 20X6)
ThinkPad L15 Gen 1       (Machine types: 20U3, 20U4, 20U7, 20U8)
ThinkPad L15 Gen 2       (Machine types: 20X3, 20X4)
ThinkPad L15 Gen 2a      (Machine types: 20X7, 20X8)
ThinkPad L380            (Machine types: 20M5, 20M6)
ThinkPad L380 Yoga       (Machine types: 20M7, 20M8)
ThinkPad L390            (Machine types: 20NR, 20NS)
ThinkPad L390 Yoga       (Machine types: 20NT, 20NU)
ThinkPad L480            (Machine types: 20LS, 20LT)
ThinkPad L490            (Machine types: 20Q5, 20Q6)
ThinkPad L580            (Machine types: 20LW, 20LX)
ThinkPad L590            (Machine types: 20Q7, 20Q8)
ThinkPad P1              (Machine types: 20MD, 20ME)
ThinkPad P1 Gen 2        (Machine types: 20QT, 20QU)
ThinkPad P1 Gen 3        (Machine types: 20TH, 20TJ)
ThinkPad P1 Gen 4        (Machine types: 20Y3, 20Y4)
ThinkPad P14s Gen 1      (Machine types: 20S4, 20S5)
ThinkPad P14s Gen 2       (Machine types: 20VX, 20VY)
ThinkPad P14s Gen 2a     (Machine types: 21A0, 21A1)
ThinkPad P15s Gen 1       (Machine types: 20T4, 20T5)
ThinkPad P15s Gen 2       (Machine types: 20W6, 20W7)
ThinkPad P15v Gen 1       (Machine types: 20TQ, 20TR)
ThinkPad P15v Gen 2i     (Machine types: 21A9, 21AA)
ThinkPad P15 Gen 1       (Machine types: 20ST, 20SU)
ThinkPad P17 Gen 1       (Machine types: 20SN, 20SQ)
ThinkPad P43s            (Machine types: 20RH, 20RJ)
ThinkPad P52s            (Machine types: 20LB, 20LC)
ThinkPad P53s            (Machine types: 20N6, 20N7)
ThinkPad P52             (Machine types: 20M9, 20MA)
ThinkPad P72             (Machine types: 20MB, 20MC)
ThinkPad P73             (Machine types: 20QR, 20QS)
ThinkPad P53             (Machine types: 20QN, 20QQ)
ThinkPad R14             (Machine types: 20RC)
ThinkPad R14 Gen 2       (Machine types: 20TC)
ThinkPad R490            (Machine types: 20NA, 20ND)
ThinkPad S1 Gen 4
ThinkPad S2 Gen 3
ThinkPad S2 Yoga Gen 3
ThinkPad S2 Gen 4
ThinkPad S2 Yoga Gen 4
ThinkPad S2 Gen 5        (Machine types: 20R7)
ThinkPad S2 Yoga Gen 5   (Machine types: 20R8)
ThinkPad S2 Gen 6        (Machine types: 20VM)
ThinkPad S2 Gen 6a               (Machine types: 21AF)
ThinkPad S2 Yoga Gen 6   (Machine types: 20VN)
ThinkPad S2 Yoga Gen 6a     (Machine types: 21AG)
ThinkPad S3              (Machine types: 20QC)
ThinkPad S3 Gen 2        (Machine types: 20RG)
ThinkPad T14 Gen 1       (Machine types: 20S0, 20S1, 20UD, 20UE)
ThinkPad T14 Gen 1 Healthcare Edition      (Machine types: 20S2, 20S3)
ThinkPad T14 Gen 2       (Machine types: 20W0, 20W1)
ThinkPad T14 Gen 2a      (Machine types: 20XK, 20XL)
ThinkPad T14s Gen 1      (Machine types: 20T0, 20T1, 20UH, 20UJ)
ThinkPad T14s Gen 2a     (Machine types: 20XF, 20XG)
ThinkPad T14s Gen 2i     (Machine types: 20WM, 20WN)
ThinkPad T15 Gen 1       (Machine types: 20S6, 20S7)
ThinkPad T15 Gen 2       (Machine types: 20W4, 20W5)
ThinkPad T15g Gen 1      (Machine types: 20UR, 20US)
ThinkPad T15p Gen 1      (Machine types: 20TM, 20TN)
ThinkPad T15p Gen 2i    (Machine types: 21A7, 21A8)
ThinkPad T480            (Machine types: 20L5, 20L6)
ThinkPad T480s           (Machine types: 20L7, 20L8)
ThinkPad T490            (Machine types: 20N2, 20N3, 20RY, 20RX)
ThinkPad T490s           (Machine types: 20NX, 20NY)
ThinkPad T495            (Machine types: 20NJ, 20NK)
ThinkPad T580            (Machine types: 20L9, 20LA)
ThinkPad T590            (Machine types: 20N4, 20N5)
ThinkPad X1 Carbon 6th   (Machine types: 20KH, 20KG)
ThinkPad X1 Carbon 7th   (Machine types: 20QD, 20QE, 20R1, 20R2)
ThinkPad X1 Carbon Gen 8 (Machine types: 20U9, 20UA)
ThinkPad X1 Carbon Gen 9 (Machine types: 20XW, 20XX)
ThinkPad X1 Tablet Gen 3 (Machine types: 20KJ, 20KK)
ThinkPad X1 Yoga 3rd     (Machine types: 20LD, 20LE, 20LF, 20LG)
ThinkPad X1 Yoga 4th     (Machine types: 20QF, 20QG, 20SA ,20SB)
ThinkPad X1 Yoga Gen 5   (Machine types: 20UB, 20UC)
ThinkPad X1 Extreme      (Machine types: 20MF, 20MG)
ThinkPad X1 Extreme 2nd  (Machine types: 20QV, 20QW)
ThinkPad X1 Extreme Gen 3      (Machine types: 20TK, 20TL)
ThinkPad X1 Nano Gen1    (Machine types: 20UN, 20UQ)
ThinkPad X1 Titanium Gen 1 (Machine types: 20QA, 20QB)
ThinkPad X1 Extreme Gen 4       (Machine types: 20Y5, 20Y6)
ThinkPad X12             (Machine types: 20UW, 20UV)
ThinkPad X13 Gen 1       (Machine types: 20T2, 20T3, 20UF, 20UG)
ThinkPad X13 Gen 2a      (Machine types: 20XH, 20XJ)
ThinkPad X13 Gen 2i      (Machine types: 20WK, 20WL)
ThinkPad X13 Yoga Gen 1  (Machine types: 20SX, 20SY)
ThinkPad X13 Yoga Gen 2  (Machine types: 20W8, 20W9)
ThinkPad X280            (Machine types: 20KE, 20KF)
ThinkPad X380 Yoga       (Machine types: 20LH, 20LJ, 20LK, 20LL)
ThinkPad X390            (Machine types: 20Q0, 20Q1)
ThinkPad X390 Yoga       (Machine types: 20NN, 20NQ)
ThinkPad Yoga 11e Gen 5  (Machine types: 20LM, 20LN)



Device ID(s)