iPega PG-9220 Wolverine Gamepad

The iPega PG-9220 Wolverine gamepad stands as a versatile gaming accessory, designed for seamless compatibility with various platforms including Android, iOS, Windows, and Nintendo Switch. Its ergonomic design incorporates customizable buttons, turbo functionality, and an adjustable holder, ensuring comfortable and extended gaming sessions. The gamepad's wireless connectivity via Bluetooth 4.0 offers convenience without sacrificing responsiveness, while its built-in 380mAh battery provides ample playtime. The PG-9220's unique Wolverine-like design, coupled with its functionality, makes it a popular choice for gamers seeking a reliable, adaptable controller for diverse gaming experiences across multiple devices and platforms.

There is a combination of buttons to pair the device with a PC that is mentioned in the manual, it is in Chinese, if you can translate this please let us know.