Onn. (Seiki) LE-22G90 FHD Television

The USB port on this device is only for firmware upgrades.

The Onn. (Seiki) LE-22G90 FHD Television was a compact and budget-friendly option for entertainment. With its HD resolution, it delivered clear visuals in a smaller form factor. The TV features HDMI , VGA and Composite ports, catering to various connectivity needs. Its user-friendly interface and remote control ensure easy navigation through content. While it might have lack some advanced features found in higher-end models, the LE-22G90 offered an affordable way to enjoy HD content in smaller spaces, making it suitable for bedrooms, kitchens, RV's and other areas where a compact TV was desired.

Basic Specs:

Remote control programming codes:

0011 worked for me for Seiki TV power & volume with the older Tivo remotes. 0381 works with the new remotes for the Bolt & Mini