Canon MF Printer Driver & Utilities V10.11.1 for macOS 10.8

The Canon MF Printer Driver & Utilities V10.11.1 tailored for macOS 10.8 supported Canon multifunction (MF) printers, providing a robust suite for streamlined printing functionalities. Compatible with various Canon MF models, it facilitated configuration, maintenance, and enhanced printing workflows. This software ensured intuitive access to multifunctional features such as scanning and faxing while enabling precise adjustments to print settings. Its user-friendly interface simplified printing tasks, ensuring consistent, high-quality outputs. Regular updates fortified compatibility with macOS 10.8, integrating stability improvements and security enhancements. Essential for users reliant on Canon multifunction printers within macOS 10.8 environments, it upheld efficiency and reliability in printing operations.

Full Specs/Additional configurations
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Supported Canon Products
The driver name that corresponds to Canon products is following.
imageRUNNER 1133 Series*
Canon iR1133
D500 Series
Canon D500 Series
Canon D530/D560
Canon D570
D1100 Series
Canon D1100/MF6600
D1300 Series*
Canon D1300/MF6700
D1500 Series*
Canon D1500/MF417
D1600 Series*
Canon D1600 Series
Canon L100/L150/L170
L190 Series
Canon L190/L410 Series
Canon L250
L410 Series
In Japan: Canon L410 Series
In other regions: Canon L190/L410 Series
LC600 Series*
Canon LC600 Series
MF110 Series*
Canon MF110/910 Series
MF210 Series*
Canon MF210 Series
MF220 Series*
Canon MF220 Series
MF230 Series*
Canon MF230 Series
MF240 Series*
Canon MF240 Series
MF260 Series*
Canon MF260 Series
MF410 Series* (Except MF417dw)
Canon MF410 Series
Canon D1500/MF417
MF420 Series*
Canon MF420 Series
MF510 Series*
Canon MF510 Series
MF520 Series*
Canon MF520 Series
MF620C Series*
Canon MF620C Series
MF630C Series*
In Japan: Canon MF632C/634C CARPS2
In other regions: Canon MF631C
Canon MF632C/634C
Canon MF633C/635C
MF720C Series*
Canon MF720C Series
MF730C Series*
In Japan: Canon MF731C/733C CARPS2
Canon MF735C
In other regions: Canon MF731C/733C
Canon MF732C/734C/735C
MF910 Series*
Canon MF110/910 Series
MF3010 Series
Canon MF3010
MF4400 Series*
Canon MF4400 Series
MF4400w Series*
Canon MF4400w Series
MF4500 Series*
Canon MF4500 Series
MF4500w Series*
Canon MF4500w Series
MF4700 Series*
Canon MF4700 Series
MF4800 Series*
Canon MF4800 Series
MF5800 Series*
Canon MF5800 Series
MF5900 Series*
Canon MF5900 Series
MF6100 Series*
Canon MF6100 Series
MF6600 Series
Canon D1100/MF6600
MF6700 Series*
In Japan: Canon MF6700 Series
In other regions: Canon D1300/MF6700
MF6800 Series*
Canon MF6800 Series
MF8000 Series*
Canon MF8000 Series
MF8000C Series*
Canon MF8000C Series
MF8200C Series*
Canon MF8200C Series
MF8300 Series*
Canon MF8300 Series
MF8300C Series*
Canon MF8300C Series
MF8500C Series*
Canon MF8500C Series