Canon MF Printer Driver & Utilities V10.11.8 for macOS 10.11

The Canon MF Printer Driver & Utilities V10.11.8 tailored for macOS 10.11 provided an essential toolkit for Canon multifunction (MF) printer users. Supporting diverse Canon MF models, it streamlined printing processes, offering a comprehensive suite for configuration, maintenance, and optimized printing workflows. This software granted intuitive access to multifunctional features like scanning and faxing while allowing precise adjustments to print settings. Its user-friendly interface simplified printing tasks, ensuring high-quality outputs. Regular updates ensured seamless compatibility with macOS 10.11, integrating stability enhancements and security patches. As a pivotal tool for users relying on Canon multifunction printers within macOS 10.11 environments, it offered reliability and efficiency.

Full Specs/Additional configurations
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Supported Canon Products
The driver name that corresponds to Canon products is following.
imageRUNNER 1133 Series*
Canon iR1133
D500 Series
Canon D500 Series
Canon D530/D560
Canon D570
D1100 Series
Canon D1100/MF6600
D1300 Series*
Canon D1300/MF6700
D1500 Series*
Canon D1500/MF417
D1600 Series*
Canon D1600 Series
Canon L100/L150/L170
L190 Series
Canon L190/L410 Series
Canon L250
L410 Series
In Japan: Canon L410 Series
In other regions: Canon L190/L410 Series
LC600 Series*
Canon LC600 Series
MF110 Series*
Canon MF110/910 Series
MF210 Series*
Canon MF210 Series
MF220 Series*
Canon MF220 Series
MF230 Series*
Canon MF230 Series
MF240 Series*
Canon MF240 Series
MF260 Series*
Canon MF260 Series
MF410 Series* (Except MF417dw)
Canon MF410 Series
Canon D1500/MF417
MF420 Series*
Canon MF420 Series
MF510 Series*
Canon MF510 Series
MF520 Series*
Canon MF520 Series
MF620C Series*
Canon MF620C Series
MF630C Series*
In Japan: Canon MF632C/634C CARPS2
In other regions: Canon MF631C
Canon MF632C/634C
Canon MF633C/635C
MF720C Series*
Canon MF720C Series
MF730C Series*
In Japan: Canon MF731C/733C CARPS2
Canon MF735C
In other regions: Canon MF731C/733C
Canon MF732C/734C/735C
MF910 Series*
Canon MF110/910 Series
MF3010 Series
Canon MF3010
MF4400 Series*
Canon MF4400 Series
MF4400w Series*
Canon MF4400w Series
MF4500 Series*
Canon MF4500 Series
MF4500w Series*
Canon MF4500w Series
MF4700 Series*
Canon MF4700 Series
MF4800 Series*
Canon MF4800 Series
MF5800 Series*
Canon MF5800 Series
MF5900 Series*
Canon MF5900 Series
MF6100 Series*
Canon MF6100 Series
MF6600 Series
Canon D1100/MF6600
MF6700 Series*
In Japan: Canon MF6700 Series
In other regions: Canon D1300/MF6700
MF6800 Series*
Canon MF6800 Series
MF8000 Series*
Canon MF8000 Series
MF8000C Series*
Canon MF8000C Series
MF8200C Series*
Canon MF8200C Series
MF8300 Series*
Canon MF8300 Series
MF8300C Series*
Canon MF8300C Series
MF8500C Series*
Canon MF8500C Series