ESS 1869 Sound Card Windows 98 SE Drivers

Modern operating systems should install the drivers for the ESS-1869 sound card, older operating system will need drivers to get the card to be recognized by Windows or DOS. Drivers are Below.

The ES1869 solution is a mixed-signal singlechip that adds 16-bit stereo sound and FM musicsynthesis to personal computers. It is compliant with Microsoft PC 97 and PC 98 specifications and WHQLaudio requirements. The ES1869 possesses anembedded microcontroller, OPL3™ superset music synthesizer, 16-bit stereo wave ADC and DAC, 16-bit stereo music DAC, MPU-401 UART serial port, dualgame port, full Plug and Play support, CD-ROM IDEinterface, hardware master volume control, two serial portinterfaces to external DSP and external wavetable musicsynthesizer, I2S Zoom Video interface, DMA control logicwith FIFO, and ISA bus interface logic. There are threestereo inputs (typically line, CD audio, and auxiliary line)and a mono microphone input. All of this on a single chipthat can be designed into a motherboard, add-on card, orintegrated into other peripheral cards such as Fax/Modem, VGA, LAN, I/O, etc