ESS1688 Sound Drivers

The ESS1688, introduced in the early 1990s, was a popular sound card chipset by ESS Technology renowned for its affordability and compatibility. It revolutionized PC audio by providing high-quality sound reproduction for gaming, multimedia, and entertainment applications. With features like wavetable synthesis and stereo audio playback, the ESS1688 enhanced the audio experience on IBM-compatible computers of its era. Its widespread adoption and widespread compatibility with popular operating systems made it a staple choice for home and office users alike. The ESS1688 chipset played a significant role in democratizing high-quality sound in personal computing, leaving a lasting impact on the industry.

Basic Specs:

Controller+Codec 16-bit 44KHz, Integr. OPL3 clone, MPU-401, joystick support, Half-Duplex, No hardware volume.
Card is already SB-Pro at A220 I7 D1 at boot. (contrary to ES1868).
Just need to enable MPU-401, and set it at 330h instead of 300h

Install Instructions

Release Note v1.0

This Diskette is for S521/SP301 16bit Sound Card.

The package include:

1.DOS utility for Volume Control (ESSVOL.exe)
  and Hardware setting (ESSCFG.exe).

         ESSCFG.exe can not support parameter as "/I:A",
         please change to "/I:10" if you want to use interrupt 10
         this string can be found in AUTOEXEC.bat .

2.Windows 3.1x Drivers and Application (AudioRack).
3.Windows 95 Drivers and Application (AudioRack 32)
4.Windows NT v3.5 Driver