onn. 17" Mini Multimedia Computer Soundbar (ONA18HO020)

Important: The USB port on this sound bar is only to power the device up using a USB power adapter (Charger) or from a USB port on your TV or monitor, there is no other function other than that. The AUX 3.5mm plug must be connected to the TV or Monitor to pass the audio.

The onn. 17" Mini Multimedia Computer Soundbar (ONA18HO020) delivers impressive audio in a compact design. With a sleek 17-inch profile, it's ideal for desktops or smaller setups. Featuring easy USB plug-and-play connectivity and a 3.5mm auxiliary input, it seamlessly integrates with various devices. Despite its size, it produces rich sound, enhancing multimedia experiences with clear audio output. While it might lack advanced features, its simplicity and affordability make it a practical choice for users seeking improved sound quality for computers or smaller entertainment systems, delivering an upgrade to standard built-in speakers without occupying much space.