Roland LAPC-I Drivers

The Roland LAPC-I is a sound card for IBM PC compatibles, first introduced in 1988 by Roland Corporation. It is basically the MT-32-compatible Roland CM-32L and the MPU-401 unit, integrated onto a single full-length 8-bit ISA card. In addition to normal Roland dealers aimed at musicians, it was distributed in the USA by Sierra On-Line for use with the company's games. The price of the card was around $500 (US).

It came with no software or accessories, but then no specific software was necessary, since the MT-32 appeared as a MIDI peripheral connected to the MPU-401 port. To connect an LAPC-I to other MIDI devices, an MCB-1 adapter is required.

The card was often mistakenly called LAPC-1, but photos of the card's PCB show an I rather than a 1.


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