UGREEN CM106 Bluetooth Audio Receiver Adapter

Note the MicroUSB port on this device is only to power the device.

The Ugreen Wireless Bluetooth Receiver with 2RCA and 3.5mm Jack is a versatile audio accessory that bridges the gap between traditional audio systems and modern wireless technology. This adapter allows users to upgrade their existing non-Bluetooth audio setups, such as home stereos or car audio systems, by enabling wireless Bluetooth connectivity. It's equipped with a 3.5mm audio jack and 2 RCA outputs, providing compatibility with a wide range of audio devices.

The device ensures high-quality audio transmission and offers seamless connectivity to smartphones, tablets, and other Bluetooth-enabled devices. With this adapter, users can enjoy the convenience of wirelessly streaming music or making hands-free calls, transforming their non-Bluetooth audio systems into modern, wireless hubs. This Ugreen adapter is a practical and affordable solution for enhancing audio flexibility and convenience.