How to Pair Apple Wireless Keyboard with Windows 11/10

Pairing an Apple Magic keyboard with Window 11 and 10 is pretty easy, but not documented by Apple for obvious reasons.

1. First off, let’s turn on the Magic Keyboard

2. Then in Windows load up Bluetooth system settings by pressing Windows logo on your existing keyboard and type “Bluetooth and other devices settings”. (If you haven’t an existing keyboard connected at all you will need to use the mouse to navigate to the same area in System settings.)

Bluetooth and other Device Settings - Windows 11
Bluetooth and other Device Settings - Windows 11

3. Click on Add Device

Windows 11 - Bluetooth Add Device
Bluetooth Add Device - Windows 11

4. At the "Add a Device" click on Bluetooth

Windows 11 - Add a Bluetooth Device
Add a Bluetooth Device - Windows 11

5. The Magic Keyboard will be listed, select it from the list.

Windows 11 - Bluetooth Devices found
Bluetooth Devices found - Windows 11

6. The Windows 11 Bluetooth will give a random number on the screen that needs to be entered on the magic keyboard then press the Return (or Enter key).

Windows 11 - Bluetooth Keyboard Pairing
Bluetooth Keyboard Pairing - Windows 11

7. If everything has work correctly the magic keyboard will be paired.

Windows 11 - Bluetooth Magic Keyboard has been paired
Bluetooth Magic Keyboard has been paired  - Windows 11


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