onn. 6' USBC to HDMI Male Connector Cable

Important, there are phones and computers that have USB Type C ports that have the USB 2.0 standard and this is not going to work for HDMI 4K video. There is a common assumption that USB Type C is 3.0, and while most USB Type C ports in the last 3 years are USB 3+ ... many phones/computers are still USB 2.0 and lower. 

The onn. 6' USB-C to HDMI Male Connector Cable provides seamless connectivity between USB-C enabled devices and HDMI displays, delivering crisp, high-definition video and audio transmission over a generous 6-foot length. With its USB-C compatibility, it effortlessly links laptops, tablets, or smartphones to larger screens, making presentations or media sharing hassle-free. The cable's durability and reliable signal transmission ensure uninterrupted viewing experiences for movies, presentations, or gaming. Its plug-and-play design simplifies setup, offering a convenient and versatile solution for users seeking reliable and extended HDMI connectivity from their USB-C devices.