UGREEN USB Cable USB 3.0 A to A Cable Male to Male 5Gbps

The UGREEN USB 3.0 A to A Male to Male Cable, boasting 5Gbps data transfer, facilitates high-speed connectivity between USB-A compatible devices. However, it can't directly link two computers for data transfer due to their USB ports' function. Connecting two computers via USB-A ports with this cable can risk damage to the devices or ports. Typically, direct computer-to-computer connections require specialized hardware or software solutions like Ethernet, a crossover cable, or network sharing software due to USB-A ports being output-only or host-based, preventing direct data sharing between devices without intermediary hardware or software protocols.

A USB Type-A to USB Type-A cable connects two devices with Type-A ports. However, this type of connection isn't typically recommended or widely used because it can lead to problems. USB Type-A ports are usually meant for host connections (like a computer or charger) or peripheral connections (like a mouse or keyboard). Connecting two host devices via a Type-A to Type-A cable might not work properly because both devices may try to act as hosts, leading to confusion and potentially damaging the devices.

There are exceptions, though. Some specific applications or devices might utilize Type-A to Type-A cables for certain purposes, but generally speaking, it's not a common or recommended connection