Vivo USB Driver

USB Drivers are an important tool/driver for any Vivo Android gadget to connect with your PC/Notebook.

When connecting a Vivo of another Android phone to a Windows based computer by default the phone may be recognized as a mass storage device, but usually not much more. USB drivers are required to do extended operations such as flashing a firmware and other more advanced features that are accessible from a USB compatible cable.

Doing backups of the devices content can be done using a USB cable also some recovery functions can be utilized. It is always recommended that any installation and work done installing drivers is done by a technician or someone who is tech savvy as there is always a chance that incorrect installation could cause loss of data or even permanent damage to a device.

It is important to backup your device on a regular basis as loosing your phone could cause a loss of personal memories which can be heart breaking. Also, music collections should be backed up too. Sometimes people store these on a SD Card, and if the SD card has been encrypted to only be read to that device you can’t just put the SD card into a computer. This is why accessing your phone via USB cable to read the content is so important.

var loader_driver = "usb-vivo-usb-driver"
All Model numbers for this device

vivo V5s
vivo V5
vivo X9
vivo X9s Plus
vivo Y25
vivo Y55s
vivo V5 Lite
vivo Y53
vivo Y69
vivo V5 Plus
vivo Xplay6
vivo Y67
vivo X7 Plus
vivo X9s
vivo X9 Plus
vivo X7
vivo V1
vivo V3Max
vivo Y15S
vivo Y51
vivo X6Plus
vivo X6
vivo Xplay5
vivo Y35
vivo Y31
vivo X6S Plus
vivo Xplay5 Elite
vivo V3
vivo X6S
vivo V1 Max
vivo X5Max
vivo Y37
vivo X5Max+
vivo X5Max
vivo Y11
vivo X5Pro
vivo Xplay3S
vivo X5
vivo X20
vivo X20 Plus
vivo V7+
vivo V7
vivo Y27
vivo Y28
vivo X3S
vivo Xshot
vivo Y15
vivo Y22