Windows 98/98SE USB Mass Storage Device Drivers

If you are going to copy or recover files from a Windows 98 machine then the best a quickest option is using a USB stick on a free USB port or on a USB card that might have been installed. Typically Mass Storage Drivers are not in Windows 98 and will need to be installed. Below the very small driver files will allow you to see a formatted Fat/Fat32 memory stick. Please backup any files that are already on the memory stick before inserting into a Windows 98 machine, the older low powered USB port were unreliable and could easily corrupt the USB stick.

These drivers are a mix of official and unofficial upgrades, put together by a Windows 98 enthusiast called Maximus-Decim and these will upgrade/replace parts of Windows 98 in order for USB HUB/Ports to read the device. Install at your own risk. (or at least extract the exe files with 7zip and examine them.)

Install Instructions

1.Remove ALL drivers USB flash drives.
2.Remove ALL drivers USB 2.0 controllers.
3.Remove ALL USB 1.1 and 2.0 controllers and devices.
4.Remove ALL unknown devices.
5.Install Drivers and reboot.
6.After detection new USB 1.1 and 2.0 controllers
  (if it will occur) too it is necessary to be reboot.
Remember! You install it at own risk!