HP HD 2300 Webcam Drivers

Drivers are not needed for Windows 10 & 8 also Ubuntu Linux needs no drivers from versions 14+. For older versions of Windows OS there are drivers for OS’s going back to Windows XP below.

Full Specs/Additional configurations
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Video Features

  • HD 720p Resolution, USB Video Class Supported, Video Call Quick Launch, Video Capture Program

Pan Angle

  • 360 deg;


  • USB

Has Tilt

  • Yes

Tilt Angle

  • 30 deg;

Model Id

  • Webcam HD 2300

Built In Microphone

  • Yes

Usb Cable Length

  • 1.2 m

Part Number

  • A5F64AA


Frame Rate

  • 30 fps

Video Capture Resolution

  • 1280 x 720

Additional Features

  • Sleek, Streamlined Shape, 16 x 9 Widescreen, White LED (Front On/Off), Webcam Control Center Button on Top of Webcam, Photo Capture Program, Adjustable Clip/Stand