Additional Information About The New Windows 8 Features

I don’t mean to exaggerate, but it’s clearly a Windows 8 year. With features like the metro apps interface and the spectacular 3D graphics utility, the Windows 8 operating system has captured the attention of even critics and detractors. Not to mention, the touch interface is specifically designed for tablet and smartphone fans. According to the latest survey, Windows 8 is the fastest selling operating system in the market so far. Microsoft’s experts have clearly pulled up a great show for its audience around the globe. This is largely due to the latest Windows 8 drivers. Let’s catch up with the latest hot news concerning the Windows 8.

Compatibility and new developments

For all the Windows 8 fans out there, DisplayLink has just added support to the new Windows 8 drivers in the 7.0 version build. As you already know, the 7.0 version build is clearly set apart for Intel-based tablets, Ultrabooks and personal computers. This is a thing of great joy to the Windows 8 consumers, since they can enjoy the unlimited touch features on an extended desktop. On top of this, the DisplayLink-certified docking stations will augment the same feel. Other factors like graphic adapters and monitors can be connected via a single plug-and-display USB cable. You can choose between the new Windows 8 interface and the classic interface, as per your convenience. On top of that, you can increase the productivity by adding touch-based displays. Speaking of that, the new touchy Windows environment is the coolest feature Windows has ever introduced.


Making the changes in graphics

According to the SVP Sales & Marketing head John Cummins, you can use the USB Graphics interface on a wider range of products. This includes the Intel based tablets and slate PCs .When it comes to computing products, Microsoft’s Surface Pro platforms for business is on top of the list. To make sure that everything is ready on demand, Microsoft experts have worked round the clock with their partners. At present, the new drivers are available worldwide. Hats off to the Windows help and support experts! The DisplayLink automatically detects updates on the desktop and compress the same by making use of the company’s compression technology. This is often referred as (DL2+ or DL3). On the other hand, a resolution of 2560 x 1152 is supported through the DisplayLink.