AMD A68H FCH Chipset

The AMD A68H FCH (Fusion Controller Hub), also known by its codename "Bolton-D2H," is a chipset designed for motherboards supporting AMD's FM2+ socket processors. This chipset is part of the AMD A-Series chipsets and is used in budget-friendly and mainstream motherboards.

Key features of the AMD A68H FCH (Bolton-D2H) chipset include:

  1. Socket Compatibility: The chipset is designed to work with AMD FM2+ socket processors, which include A-Series APUs (Accelerated Processing Units).

  2. I/O Connectivity: It provides a range of I/O features, including USB ports (both USB 3.0 and USB 2.0), SATA ports for connecting storage devices, and other general I/O interfaces.

  3. Integrated Graphics Support: The A68H chipset supports integrated graphics found in AMD APUs. This allows for video output directly from the motherboard, which can be useful in systems without dedicated graphics cards.

  4. PCI Express Support: The chipset provides PCIe lanes for expansion slots, allowing for the installation of graphics cards, sound cards, and other PCIe-based peripherals.

  5. Audio and Networking: The chipset often features integrated audio and networking solutions to provide essential connectivity options for users.

  6. Memory Support: The chipset supports DDR3 memory, allowing for various memory configurations and capacities.

The A68H FCH (Bolton-D2H) chipset is designed for entry-level and mid-range systems, offering a balance of features and affordability.