AMD E-350

AMD E-350

AMD E-350 Chipset

The AMD E-350 is a dual-core Accelerated Processing Unit (APU) designed by Advanced Micro Devices (AMD). It's part of the AMD Fusion platform and falls under the Brazos family of APUs. The E-350 was targeted at small-form-factor laptops and netbooks, emphasizing energy efficiency and balanced performance for basic computing tasks.

The APU combined two CPU cores based on the Bobcat microarchitecture with Radeon HD graphics on a single chip. This integration aimed to deliver improved multimedia capabilities and decent graphics performance compared to traditional low-power processors. It supported DirectX 11 and provided hardware-accelerated video playback.

With a low thermal design power (TDP), the E-350 APU was suited for fanless designs and laptops with extended battery life. While it wasn't suitable for heavy gaming or demanding applications, it offered a compelling solution for ultraportable devices where efficiency and adequate performance were key considerations.

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