Accessing Windows 8 Files Using SkyDrive

The contribution of Microsoft to the software world has always been something of note and unique. Now computer users are enthralled by its new operating system, Windows 8 which is going to redefine your computing experience with its remarkable compatibility feature. The switching over process from old versions of Windows platforms to the new Windows 8 is under progress. Customer reviews and comments are yet to come, which will build enough credibility pacing the transformation to new generation computing.

However, there are some compatibility issues that have been reported  on Windows 8 tablets running on ARM processor. Apparently, it develops complaints with Windows legacy applications. Microsoft has recently given a clarification regarding the porting of Windows 8 drivers. Anyway it is quite natural to have such a controversy along with the launch of any technical gadget. Adding much to our wonder is the SkyDrive facility which can be easily employed for accessing files in Windows 8. SkyDrive is one of the base stones of the modern cloud computing technology, which offers free storage space on internet where you can dump and retrieve information according to your needs.

Here let us see how we can mange files stored in SkyDrive in while working in Windows8 platforms.

Managing Windows 8 files in SkyDrive

  • From the Start screen, you can open the SkyDrive application, which then lists your stored folders and files. In order to copy the files you can choose Upload and then select the desired file.
  • For adding files, you have to right click the blank part of the SkyDrive program. Then choose Upload button. Now you can see the Start screen’s File Picker allowing you to select the files that have to be stored in clouds.
  • In order to view the contents you have to click on the folders. You should click on the Go Up button for moving to next folder. There are four top-level folders, which are libraries, home groups, user account’s folder, and computer. From there you can click back and check for the desired one. When you spot the one you want, click upon it to open and see the contents.

Now you can see that file handling using SkyDrive in Windows8 is certainly simple and easy. There are excellent Windows 8 drivers are incorporated with suite itself providing very good operation.