Advancing With Windows 8 Cloud Apps

Cloud computing refers to storing a users’ application over the internet. It entrusts remote services with a user’s data, software and computation. As per Cloud computing supporters, it also allows companies to avoid open infrastructure costs, and stress upon schemes that distinguish their businesses instead of infrastructure.

Computer users are not new to this feature, as users utilize this feature unintentionally all the time while uploading documents on social networks, or reading an article on Google Docs. Windows 8 has an inbuilt feature called CloudApp, which allows users to share images, links, music & video files, etc. You just have to drag the desired file to the menu bar to upload it. A link, automatically copied to the clipboard can be used to share the uploaded file with your contacts.

While setting up Windows 8 for the first time, you will have to create a Microsoft ID, which will be your user account. This ID synchronizes all your information together, and stores all your preferences & personal settings. Thus, it helps you to log in to any other Windows 8 computer with your Microsoft ID and the background, tiles & settings of the computer change as per your customized settings. Also, the changes including ease of access, browser settings, and language settings will be set as preferred. Keep your Windows 8 drivers updated to avoid any problems.

Cloud feature can be used to connect several accounts to one location in the Windows 8 applications such as Windows Mail, Messenger, People and Calendar. Opening the profiles of your contacts, whether they are connected with you through any social network can be done with a single app. In addition, you do not need to backup your data on a hard drive to synchronize it with another PC as you can use the cloud feature to do the task for you. Using cloud, you can backup all the essential data and share it with multiple computers or any portable devices.

The launch of Windows 8 may have mixed reviews, but the operating system has yet to reveal many features for its users. Features like cloud computing, when combined with Windows 8, brings the best for users. You just have to keep your Windows 8 drivers updated to avoid any issues. Windows 8 market growth may be gradual, but it is steady.