Features Of Windows 8 Versions

Microsoft launched Windows 8 to regain its supremacy in the tech field after the software giant started to lose customers to other operating systems. This happened mainly due to the advent of touch-based computers and smartphones. The then existing versions of the Windows OS i.e. Windows 7, XP and the rest, could not function adequately on these modern computers. So Microsoft decided to revamp the Windows OS and introduced Windows 8.

Windows 8, with some of the most-modern and sophisticated features comes in 4 versions. These include Windows 8, Windows 8 Enterprise, Windows 8 Pro and Windows RT.

Key features of the Windows 8 versions are as follows.

Windows 8

  • Windows 8 is the basic affordable edition, similar to previous Windows Home Editions. The striking features of this version include a simple but attractive OS, and improved speed and responsiveness.
  • The desktop of this version is quite similar to that of Windows 7 but is devoid of the Start button. Some of the advanced features include improved security, multi-monitor support, addition of file histories, task manager, increased storage spaces, VHD mounting, etc.

Windows 8 Pro

  • Windows 8 Pro can be termed as an advanced version of Windows 8 with more sophisticated features such as BitLocker, virtual hard disk, remote desktop hosting, hyper V, domain join, group policy support, and file system encryption.
  • Among all the Windows 8 versions, this one is most suited for large businesses. As compared to Windows 8, Windows 8 Pro can be quite expensive.
  • With Windows 8 Pro, you can also install Windows 8 media center pack for a relatively low price.

Windows 8 Enterprise

  • Here, you will find all the features of Windows 8 Pro except for the Windows 8 media center feature. Some of the added options include tools for IT establishments, full boot as well as encryptable BitLocker.
  • For gaining access to use this version, the enterprises require participating in the Volume Licensing Program conducted by Microsoft. Even this edition is available at a higher price.

Windows RT

  • Windows RT version is one, which you cannot purchase directly. According to the Windows technical support, users can find this version pre-installed feature on ARM devices like tablet PCs, but it cannot be installed by them.
  • Windows RT is compatible to run only on modern-UI-style applications, which are available in the Windows Store.

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