Lock Your Folders With Your Fingerprints: Windows 8.1 Will Let You Do That

If you ask why Microsoft is one of the best software vendor in the world, then the first parameter any computing expert will tell you is their immense tech support network. Be it any issue or concern, Microsoft will provide you with splendid assistance services to deal with such problems. Besides if the issue is reported by a large number of people, then the software vendor will probably release an update soon enough to take care of that issue. In addition to this, Microsoft constantly releases updates to its operating systems to include features that all users desire. One such feature that is soon going to become a common thing in Windows 8 is the finger print based folder locking.

Yes, folks you heard it right because Microsoft has made its official announcement regarding the introduction of this feature in the upcoming Windows 8.1 update. When the OS update is launched into the market, users can experience the new fingerprint based folder locking mechanism that will make it more user friendly for a large number of folks.

As for the supporting devices, make sure you contact your PC’s tech support section to check whether a fingerprint reader device is combatable with your PC. Most of the laptops available today come with in-built finger print readers and hence for those users, it will be very easy to make the most of this feature. They do not have to incur any extra expense to have the hardware component installed in their device.

However, there is no need to worry because finger print based bio metrics can be made available in most of the PC’s you have today courtesy of cheap hardware additions. As mentioned earlier, contact your PC’s tech support division to get an idea of the compatible biometric devices you can use with your PC. The best thing about such an approach is that you will get the most apt recommendations from experts in that technical support department. As such, there will not be any issues to report when you start using that feature.

One thing that is to be noted is that Microsoft has not promised this feature’s availability in the older version of Windows 8 and hence you need to ask your tech support provider whether your system is capable of handling the 8.1 version upgrade of Windows 8 if you currently run Windows 8.

So folks just wait for a couple of months and you can use the biometric folder locking mechanism with minimal efforts and enjoy its versatility to the fullest.