Four versions for Windows 8

The Windows 8 is nearing its official introduction to the markets and more and more information regarding this latest operating system from Microsoft is given out on a daily basis. It is now clear that the Windows 8 will be released in four different versions to satisfy the users of different needs. One version will be for the home users, one for the businesses, one version for devices running on ARM chips and one for large businesses who buy the operating system in bulk.

Selecting the OS

Since Microsoft has been pretty clear in distinguishing between the different versions of the operating system, it should be easy for the users to select from any one of these versions. For more details regarding the features of each version and to check whether it suits you, browse through the various Windows 8 help websites. However, some information is provided here to help you to select a suitable version of the Windows 8 operating system.

For most of the consumers, they will have to choose from either Windows 8 or Windows 8 Pro. The Windows 8 is designed for home users and for business uses, the consumers are recommended to buy the Windows 8 Pro version.

Windows 8 RT is that version of the Windows 8 operating system that is designed for systems that runs on ARM chips. However, the consumers will not be able to buy these version directly as it comes as a bundled feature with the ARM devices only. Windows 8 RT will not run on traditional x86 or x64 chips. Windows 8 RT will feature a special touch oriented versions of the popular Microsoft programs like Microsoft Word, Excel, PowerPoint and OneNote.

Good trend

Microsoft seems to have learned from the chaos caused by the releasing of six versions of the Windows 7 operating system. Those six versions were the Starter, Home Basic, Home Premium, Professional, Enterprise and Ultimate. The consumers had a hard time trying to figure out the best suitable version of the operating system to go for. Thus, it is better that the consumers will only have to choose from either the Windows 8 or the Windows 8 Pro when it comes to selecting the operating system for home use.

These are some of the information regarding the various versions of the Windows 8 operating system and for more info browse through the various Windows 8 help websites.

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