About The Hidden Features In Windows 8.1 OS

Windows 8.1 was the latest update to the last operating system released by Microsoft, Windows 8. Windows 8 features a new Metro user interface and does not have the Start button. This made things difficult for many Windows 8 users. As a result, Windows 8 was not a big hit in the market and this led Microsoft working on an update. In fact, Microsoft included many features in the latest update.

Booting to desktop

When you boot your PC in Windows 8, you will usually land in the Start screen by default. However, in the latest update, you are directly taken to the desktop when you boot your PC. Right click on the task bar and from the drop down menu, click the option called Properties followed by clicking the tab Navigation. Tick the box that is seen adjacent to When I sign in or close all apps on a screen, go to the desktop instead of Start from the Start screen section. After making these changes, your system will boot directly to the desktop.

Since the tiles in the Windows 8 takes so much of the desktop screen, finding an application from the Windows 8 Start screen is very difficult. However, to solve these issues, there is a feature that allows you to turn your Windows 8.1 start screen to an app launcher. For this, you need to give a right click on an empty space in the taskbar and from the drop down menu, click on the option Properties, followed by clicking the tab Navigation. After that, checkmark the box adjacent to Show the apps view automatically when I go to Start from the Start section. This will help you to turn your start screen in to an app launcher.

Windows 8.1 features

The latest update saw the return of Start button. However, the Start menu is still absent. This will make you to go through many steps for shutting down your Windows 8.1 PC. Giving a right click to the Start button will bring some menu options like quick access to Command Prompt and disk management tools. There is one more feature in the menu option called Shut Down. This will help you shut down your PC from the Start button itself.

These are some of the features included in the Windows 8.1 operating system. For the efficient working of the various hardware devices, ensure that all Windows 8 drivers are installed properly. To download the latest Windows 8 drivers, go to the official download page for Windows 8.

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