IE 11 For Windows 7 Best Suited For Windows 8.1 Users

Recently, Microsoft launched its Internet Explorer 11 browser for the Windows 7 operating system. The new version boasts of more quality in terms of performance, as well as latest technology that it comprises of. With IE11, the users would experience a 9 percent performance improvement versus that with IE10, which Microsoft claims is about 30 percent faster than other competing browsers. IE11 comprises of the new Chakra just-in-time Java compiler, which is designed to improve the performance of real-world websites, as well as to provide support for different components of the ECMAScript6 standard. According to Microsoft, it would automatically upgrade the customers to IE 11. However, the users can also download its copy for their Windows 7 computers.

Internet Explorer 11also relieves of the WebGL graphics processing onto the GPU, thereby helping in reducing CPU power consumption and thus improving the performance. Microsoft has also improved its agreement with Web standards, including the processing HTML5 video without the need for plugins. However, if you are not running Windows 8.1, or even any of the Windows 8 versions in your computer, you may not get some of these significant features.

IE11 comprises of a feature known as flip ahead, which is a simple, convenient way that helps the users to avoid the pixel hunt at the end of a lengthy page of items. For example, if you are using a Windows 8.1 laptop, you can take a list of the notebooks on the Amazon site, or any other related website, as the flip ahead feature on IE11 would allow you to flip the page left with a finger gesture. Similarly, IE 11 also taps into Windows 8.1 features like the ability to attach sites to the Start screen, to snap to a window, and to save articles to Reading List, an app found within the Windows 8 versions and 8.1. According to Microsoft, its unofficial mantra for the latest versions of IE has been, “Touch is the new fast”. Hence, it is evident that with IE11 for Windows 7, browsing is simply faster. However, the users who run IE11 on Windows 8 or 8.1 would see a drastic improvement in terms of performance as well as quality.

Thus, more users would be attracted towards these latest versions of the operating system, that work well on their touch screen computers. Hence, it is clear that Microsoft is releasing new updates at a breakneck speed in order to sustain its position in the tech field.