Metro Interface in the Start Menu of Windows 8

Microsoft, the world leader in computer technology has launched their latest version of operating system, Windows 8 a few months before. Even months before its launch, it attracted a lot of media and public attraction. Everybody had huge expectations about the software and the Microsoft kept their promise. After the release, the review about the OS is very positive and it consists of a number of features that are never seen in any other operating systems. Besides the basic features, it has got a lot of security features, Windows 8 drivers and a good user interface.

Metro User Interface

Windows 8 disclosed a new Start menu that is similar to the Metro UI that you can see in the windows phones. You can find the options for Search, Share, Settings and Devices in the Start menu. Also, these options are arranged on the black background with white font. This gives a really different look such apart from the traditional white background and black fonts. The difference between these two styling is really interesting. The Metro UI has got a classic look with the new changes in the user interface. However, in my opinion the Microsoft has to do the Metro U I as a whole, otherwise it is better to withdraw the current metro U I. Because, the new Metro UI is nothing compared to that you can see in the Windows phones.

Metro Interface for Tablets

Other than the Start screen, you can also see the Metro user interface on the welcome screen of Windows 8. The interface for the tablets which uses Windows 8 are fully converted into the Metro version and the information is spread across the screen for better access of information.

Microsoft reveals the various features and new options of Windows 8 drivers in the Windows 8 blog and the Windows 8 users can learn about these options by reading these blogs regularly.

There are a number of features of the Windows 8 and since this is a new operating system, the company needs to educate their user about the various features of the OS.  For this, the Windows provides a help website and with the help of this website, the users can know about the features, options and Windows 8 OS drivers. Make use of this website and use the Windows 8 in a better way.