MetroTwit on Windows 8

While comparing Windows 7 vs. Windows 8, among various other apps in Windows 8, a new twitter client called MetroTwit is present in the Windows Store. It has now become a fully functional free Windows app.  MetroTwit was introduced in Windows 7, and hence must be familiar for some of you. The different features of this are explained below.

Features of MetroTwit

This app is quite similar to Windows desktop version released earlier. It has got a very geometrical, very Metro column and tile based UI. Once the logging-in procedure and the needful are done, the traditional Twitter Timeline will meet you. An in-app toolbar that allows things like full screen view for that tweet, retweet or market favorite, will be triggered with one click. Clicking on the name of the person who has posted the tweet will reveal their bio, list of people they are following and being followed by and also a list of their recent tweets. So, all required information can thus be achieved.

Up to three columns can be added in one screen if intelligent layout and optimum use of screen space is ensured. Posting a tweet on this app is pretty easy. Click/tap on any empty area on the app and you will get a toolbar that has the new tweet option. The option to include a photo is also available while posting.

The Windows 8 charms bar is not much used by the MetroTwit and such metro apps are really rare.  This is also one of the most important attractions of this app. the use of the search field present is the most important use of charms bar. This will allow you search by name, by topic and all the other options inside the MetroTwit app. The results will be displayed in the main app Window.

Another feature of this app is its customization. MetroTwit is quite customizable. For example, if you want to have all things

New MetroTwit

displayed, it is possible. You can even have the bare minimum. It is completely up to you. The option of using the app in snap mode is also present.

So, these are the different features of the MetroTwit app. It is really a useful app. If comparing of Windows 7 vs. Windows 8 is done, several other such good applications can be found out. Hope this article becomes really useful.

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