Microsoft Might End The Sales Of Full Version Windows With The Release Of Windows 8

The wait is over and now we have Windows 8. As like the previous Windows versions, we have many Windows 8 versions. Windows 8’s unique feature that supports touch interface makes it a futuristic operating system. You can enjoy the full features of this operating system if you have a touch screen monitor or a laptop that has a touch interface. You can upgrade to Windows 8 from your previous version of Windows. A tool named Windows 8 upgrade assistant will help you to find out if your computer is ready for the upgrade.

However, many believe that with the release of Windows 8, Microsoft will stop the retail sales of its full licensed versions. According to Microsoft, a full version of Windows means Windows operating system with full license, which is sold through online retailers. With the high pricing of these versions, users have been reluctant to purchase them. In addition to this, most of the system manufacturers give the operating system to the users after preloading them. The retailers who sold the computers to the customers after assembling were the major customers of this form of Windows OS.

Microsoft also offers an upgrade to Windows 8 Professional for a price of $39.99 if your computer has any previous versions of Windows like Windows 7, Windows Vista or Windows XP. The system assemblers that we have mentioned earlier can obtain system builder license. If you wish to install the operating system on another partition or on a virtual machine, then Microsoft provides you with the option to acquire a Windows 8 Pro System Builder Version.

However, even with these options, many believe that the new developments can adversely affect the small system builders and PC makers. This is because, even though they get the license for five copies of Windows at a price of $39.99, this might not suffice their needs. Some companies make customized computers and provide them to their employees. Microsoft’s new decision can have negative impacts on them.

It is true that most of the users already have the licensed version of any of the previous versions of Windows and they would go only for an update option rather than the full version. Therefore, many believe that the update license would be the preferred one over the full version. If the rumors are true, we might no longer see Windows 8 versions that come with the full license.