Mozilla Brings New Updates For Firefox In Windows 8

The Windows 8 operating system, developed by Microsoft, comprises of many advanced features that offer a unique computing experience to the users. Some of these advanced options include a Metro interface, Charms bar, live tiles new icons, etc. The dual-interface feature in Windows 8 helps users to run apps in fullscreen and simultaneously run the legacy software on the desktop.

However, after using the Windows 8 versions, several users pointed out that they are not able to run legacy software on the desktop. Hence, major companies like Google, Opera Software or Mozilla are required to create special builds in order to run the software on the desktop. According to sources, Google first introduced a Chrome version for the desktop interface, but companies such as Mozilla have still been trying to develop such a stable version. Although the company launched the First Nighty builds in 2013, it took almost one and half year for them to move this build to the browser’s Aurora channel. One of the prime limitations of the Firefox build was that here the profile that was used was different from the desktop profile. Hence, users who had the Windows 8 versions in their systems faced issues related to the accessing of their bookmarks, browsing history or passwords in the Firefox application.

Image removed.According to recent reports, Mozilla has announced about the introduction of shared profiles to Firefox on Windows 8. This would help the users to use one browser profile without worrying about the version of Firefox they run on Windows 8. As a result, users would not need to get the data over to the other profile to share it between the two different browser versions. This would hence, help the users to switch between Firefox on the desktop and on the start screen quickly, and enjoy a comfortable browsing experience.


Windows 8 Issues

Mozilla has confirmed about another update that the company is going to introduce and that would be to re-launch the other interface. They’ve introduced such options because as per the current scenario, users are not able to run the Metro Firefox and the desktop Firefox at the same time, due to the shared profile. Hence, Mozilla plans to take care of this issue and help the users to run Firefox easily on their Windows 8 systems.

Thus, the latest updates that are going to get launched by Mozilla would surely help the company to revive its customers and indirectly help to increase sales of Windows 8 computers as well.