Picking The Right Windows 8 Version

Now, I do not think there would be anybody out there who has not heard about Microsoft’s all new Windows 8 operating system. Nevertheless, even if there were anybody, I would regard it as utter negligence. Putting an end to a long wait, the tech giant has released their latest in the line of Windows operating system platform by the end of 2012. Well, what could possibly be confusing is when you head to the Microsoft store and boggle up your mind thinking which one to choose from the three versions of Windows 8 OS. If that is the case, then you are on the right place. Here in this article, we will discuss about all three Windows 8 versions and their features.

Windows 8

Designed mainly for home users, Windows 8 happens to be the most basic among the various Windows 8 versions. Some of the main features like Bit-locker Encryption, a feature to login to your PC from a remote location, Media Center and Windows-To-Go that are included in the higher versions are not present in this version of Windows. Well, that does not mean that this Windows 8 version lacks any key features. Some of the notable features that have been incorporated into this OS include creating a ‘pool’ of hard drives and the one that lets you switch the language of interface of your preference.

Windows 8 Pro

The Windows 8 Pro is packed with almost every feature except the ones that are meant for the enterprise users. Some of the significant features that are included in this version of Windows 8 are Bit-Locker encryption, PC virtualization, domain connectivity and PC management. Apparently, Windows 8 Pro is designed mainly for computer enthusiasts and Professionals. Well, you can also avail the Windows Media Center feature that is up for grab as a paid ‘add-on.’

Windows RT 

One of the most crucial things that must be up in your mind while you choose the Windows RT version is that this version is designed only for ARM based devices. In addition, you should also note that Windows RT comes pre-installed on devices and is not available in retail stores.

Windows 8 Enterprise

Almost every feature that you find in the Windows 8 Pro will be found in Windows 8 Enterprise as well, expect for the Windows Media Center add-on. Windows 8 enterprise is sold only by license to large enterprises and businesses.

Well, now is the time for the change. If you are still sticking on to your old Windows operating system, you are only to be blamed for losing the race and a ‘fast’ computer will remain as a dream. So, make up your mind and take the plunge.