Special Windows 8.1 Features

Microsoft Windows is certainly one of the most preferred and admired operating systems in the world. In terms of functions and features, no other platform can be at par with Windows. Each of its versions is unique and heavily packed with outstanding features. It is no wonder why most of the corporate companies and business officials like to upgrade to the latest version of Windows.

Windows 8.1 is certainly the current buzz in cyber world. In reality, the latest operating system by Microsoft is unique and gives you the edge of latest computer technology. Windows 8 drivers come with an added support for the latest state hybrid disks and optimal memory express.

Unique features of Windows 8 drivers

The best part is that solid-state hybrid disks (SSHD) is coming in two different avatars. One version is the self-learning module, where the system drive manages to perform cache, and the other one is the host platform that decides what is going on in the cache. Now if you are not a tech savvy person, you might probably think what a cache is.

Actually, a cache is a minimal quantity of speedy and costly NAND memory. Nevertheless, the remaining rest of the capacity is manufactured of conventional, less expensive, and slower storage. The cache, which is run by the operating system, is in its infant stage. It is just a matter of time for technology to advance and develop, and provide outstanding performance. Though that is the case, the initial versions are now being added to Windows 8 drivers.

On the other side, Microsoft was but apprehensive about solid-state hybrid disks. Initially SSHD drives with 12 GB capacity were eligible to receive an authentic Microsoft Windows certification. However, the glad news is that, now Microsoft will be doing the certification for 8 GB of NAND. Furthermore, Microsoft recently stated that the functionality of SSHDs is an absolute success with 8 GB of NAND.

Drivers that enabled with this type of technology are expected to become a grand success. This is one aspect, which Microsoft is eagerly looking forward to. The state-of-the-art technology deserves special mentioning. Microsoft never fails when it comes to system functionality, and more can be expected from the pioneers in computer technology. More unique and sophisticated Windows version is already in the making. Soon enough we will be able to enjoy the next operating system.