The Synaptics Gesture Suite of Windows 8

Users can get more productive and interactive with The Synaptics Gesture Suite (SGS 12.3) in their notebook systems. The analysis from the most common user workflows, from entertainment activities like, viewing photos and listening to music, to productive activities such as accessing emails and presentations lead to the development of SGS 12.3. The result of this is a brilliant, usability-optimized model in the form of a customizable touchpad driver and control panel, which makes it easy to understand and discover features for consumers.
SGS 12.3 represents a growing portfolio of gestures available on Synaptics interface solutions. These new gestures available on Synaptics interface solutions are compatible with Microsoft Windows 8. These extend to notebooks the Windows 8 “Touch First” touch screen experience and enhance the productivity and value of notebook PCs and peripheral devices using the Synaptics Touchpad family products.

Features of Synaptics Gesture Suite of Windows 8

• Optimized performance across Synaptics’ industry leading Touchpad family
• Seamless gesture interoperability
• Supports superior usability across the entire gesture suite

Touch Screen gestures in Windows 8

The broadest and most advanced variety of clear capacitive sensing solutions is provided by Synaptics ClearPad™ Series 7 touch screen solution portfolio. An easy-to-use, discoverable interface for screen navigation, selection, interactive input, and much more is provided by the ClearPad touch sensor. Users can activate the underlying graphical user interface buttons and control them by touch. Microsoft’s new “Touch First” user experience is enabled with the Synaptics image sensing Series 7 premier touch screen solutions. The heritage of the single ASIC ClearPad 7300 solution is included in the Windows 8 based ClearPad Series 7 port folios, which is designed to Microsoft Windows 8 and Windows RT touch screen requirements up to 12”. Up to 15.6” touch screens can be supported by The ClearPad 74XX Series when designed for Windows 8 specifications.

Windows 8 has been playing very nice from its date of release on October 2012. The exciting new features and enhancements won in winning the heart of customers without disappointing them. Windows 8 just runs smooth on a system with all the Windows 8 drivers and hardware requirements in place. So, that’s some Windows 8 drivers and programs information for you. Thank you for your time, have a great day!Windows 8 drivers, Gesture Suite