Upgrading To Windows 8

With the introduction of Windows 8 operating system, Microsoft has once again proved that there is no limit of innovation in technology. Though the latest platform is the best partner for devices with touch screen input, every Windows user is looking forward to upgrade their computer to Windows 8, the latest one in the Windows OS series. But there is an issue regarding performance of the hardware and its drivers, when upgraded from Windows 7 to Windows 8, which may not be as good as it was with Window 7. While upgrading, you may face an issue with the compatibility of the device drivers, which may result in further problems. A new app called Driver Detective, in Windows 8 OS, helps to recover from these issues.

A humble adjustment by Microsoft

Microsoft has tried its best to make Windows 8 flexible. Users with Windows 7 operating system needed to install drivers for the devices that are compatible with it. With regard to this, Microsoft has adjusted the driver protocol for Windows 8 operating system for the ease of users. Microsoft states that, Windows 8 is an updated version of Windows 7 and likely, all the apps and devices for Windows 7 will be compatible with the upgraded version. But still, there will be issues with the compatibility, and you need to replace the Windows 7 drivers by Windows 8 drivers along with updating the Operating System.

The devices which worked without any issues in Windows 7 will fail to perform even with the beta version of Windows 8. The only solution to this problem is to download updated drivers and get it installed. Be careful to perform the installation through the Troubleshoot Compatibility wizard. It is the best way, but sometimes though, the Troubleshoot Compatibility may not work fine. That’s where the new Driver Detective app plays a great role.

With the help of an user friendly interface and access to a broad database, the program searches and finds out the most recent Windows 8 drivers which are compatible with your computer. The software installs the updated drivers in the genuine state as provided by the manufacturers, to guarantee the credibility of the drivers.

The best part of being in a Microsoft family is that it understands the issues, and gives a solution. Driver detective helps you out with easy upgrading of drivers, saves you a lot of time and effort; and your computer works fine with the new updated looks of Windows 8.

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