Will Microsoft Be Able To Satisfy Windows Phone Users

Although Microsoft has announced convincing features in its upcoming update named as Windows 8.1, many techies are more concerned whether the update would be extended to Windows 8.1 Phone. According to sources who are closely associated with Microsoft, the Windows 8.1 update is more focused on desktops.

Once users are able to update their Operating System with Windows 8.1 update, they will be able to use a number of advanced features ranging from the user friendly applications in Windows 7. The update is expected to equip users to use anything that fits on the computer screen.

Nonetheless, this does not en-kindle the joy of Windows phone users. Apparently, they get nothing out of the upcoming update. Like Windows 8 in desktop, Windows 8 in mobile devices also caused frustration among users. The reported issues in Windows phone include dating issues and lack of support for 1080 resolution chipsets.

As most Windows phones have Qualcomm’s processors, a processor quite similar to next-gen processors, there won’t be any compatibility issues even if Microsoft introduces highly complex features based update for the phone based operating system. According to critics, Microsoft is more concentrated on introducing updates for their cash-cows. Nevertheless, Nokia hasn’t made any clear statement regarding the lack of devoutness Microsoft is showing towards it. It is believed that before too long, Nokia would take adequate steps to safeguard itself unless Microsoft introduces some sensible and useful updates for its mobile based operating system.

While Microsoft made obvious remarks about its upcoming Windows 8.1 update, there wasn’t even a slightest remark about Windows Phone. Pressed on this, Microsoft representative indicated that the company had mentioned about a few Windows Phones with solid features. Although Windows 8 versions include Windows Phone, the lack of concentration it gets from Microsoft has amused many in the tech world.

One of the prominent features that Microsoft introduced in its update is Internet Explorer 11. It is featured with the utility to sync between Windows and Windows Phone. Another feature that Microsoft added to its Windows Phone is called Reading List, similar to the read it later app in Windows. Microsoft representative emphasized that the company hasn’t neglected Windows Phone and quoted that the only device that Microsoft introduced on stage during the Xbox One announcement was Windows Phone.

Although these claims are convincing, users still have to wait until the release of Windows 8.1 update and the Windows 8 versions update to see the reality.