Windows 10 To Carry Finest Features From Both Windows 7 And Windows 8

Windows 8 OS

Microsoft’s upcoming operating system, Windows 10, will be a mixture of both Windows 8 and Windows 7 features. According to sources close to Microsoft, the new operating system will have a slew of traditional Windows features along with numerous undisclosed modern features.

Earlier, Microsoft had planned to name after its new operating system Windows 9 (Windows Threshold). However, the plan was dropped later on to rename the new operating system as Windows 10. Experts believe that the renaming was done with an intention to differentiate the new operating system from Windows 8. Microsoft fears that naming the new operating as Windows 9 would make many believe that it is just a continuation of Windows 8, which was highly criticized for its numerous flaws.

Windows 10 release

The Windows 10 final release is still unscheduled. Nevertheless, sources close to Microsoft reveal that the final release will occur by 2015 fall. The tech preview of the new operating system is out already. It is hoped that the Consumer Preview will be released shortly.

Windows 10 to merge Windows 8 and Windows 7 features

The most disappointing side of Windows 8 was that it missed out many significant conventional Windows features, for instance the Start button. Both Windows 8 versions (mobile and desktop) did quite poorly in the market. The Windows 8 market share hasn’t even crossed Windows XP, the legacy operating system even after the official tech support was lifted for the OS last April. Windows XP claims to have about 20 to 25 percent of the total Windows market share while the combined market share of all Windows 8 versions is less than 15 percent.

Windows 8 Features

Microsoft does not have any hope that Windows 8 will make a comeback. So it is not trying to improve Windows 8 in any way. Instead, the tech giant is busy integrating the finest Windows 8 features in its upcoming Windows 10 operating system.

In addition to the Windows 8 features, Windows 10 will contain some of the Windows 7 features as well. Microsoft says that the combination of Windows 7 and Windows 8 features will provide people with enhanced user experience while using Windows 10.

Microsoft is currently gathering users’ feedback about Windows 10 tech preview to improve the features of the new operating in all the possible ways before its final release by the end of this year.