Windows 7 vs Windows 8: A Worthwhile Contest

As the world eagerly awaits the release of the most promising digital innovation of the times- Windows 8, the most discussed matter in the computing community is about who will win the contest of Windows 7 vs Windows 8. The exciting glimpses provided by the Windows 8 developer preview such as the Immersive Browser and the Metro Style desktop, clearly indicate that the upcoming OS is miles ahead of its predecessor.

In this post, we make a comparative analysis between the eagerly awaited Windows 8 and the incumbent Windows 7.

Windows 8- Specially Built for Mobile Devices

The most notable point regarding Windows 8 is that it’s an OS specially engineered for tablet PCs and smart phones. The much hyped Metro UI alone proves this fact. Recently Microsoft went on to announce that tablets welcoming Windows 8 should have multi-touch capabilities. While Windows 7 was a fairly good mobile platform, the new and exciting features of Windows 8 surely give it a bonus point in the contest.

As the Windows 8 support crew points out, Windows RT relies on ARM chips and offers limited functionality for PC users. Moreover, PCs could run only Metro-native mobile apps, which are available from the Windows Store. However, one can be relieved that if an app runs in Windows 7, it would get along well with the new OS as well.


Windows 8 Offers Enhanced Connectivity

The new OS seems to offer quite a lot for business organizations. As Microsoft claims, the capabilities of the DirectAccess security app introduced in Windows 7 has been augmented to enhance mobile access and replace VPN technology. Moreover, support for 3G and 4G technologies have been incorporated, making Windows 8 an incredible platform for IT corporations.


Improved Data Protection

All those you who have tried out the Windows 8 developer preview would be well-acquainted with the Secure Boot feature of the OS. As the Windows 8 help crew opines, this feature would clearly redefine hitherto security mechanisms in Windows platforms. By means of Secure Boot, its ensured that no malwares intrude while your PC boots up. Moreover, the new AppLocker security tool guards your current installations, and prevents any unauthorized software interventions.

Well, that is all for now about Windows 7 vs Windows 8.