Choosing the Right One for You

Microsoft’s latest in the list of Windows operating systems, Windows 8, will be up for grabs by October end this year and it is expected to be one of the biggest releases of 2012. The countdown is already on for this much-hyped operating system and Microsoft believes that it will mark another technological revolution since Windows 98.

Ever since Microsoft’s announcement about Windows 8, the rumor-mongers were working overtime making wild speculation about the features, functions and the compatibility issues of the OS. In fact, Microsoft had released the beta version of Windows 8 so as to cope up with the anxiety of the computer enthusiasts, thus giving them a chance to have a glimpse of what the OS is all about.

Windows 8 or Windows Intune

Well, it’s partly true that Windows 8 may seem a little complicated to use as apart from the other spanking new changes, Microsoft has introduced an all new user interface called ‘Metro.’ In the new OS, the Start menu is totally absent. Users working on computers powered by Windows 7 operating system may feel a little incentive to move to Windows 8. As such, there is another option for such users and that is the subscription to Windows InTune. However, those users who are still using computers powered by Windows XP should seriously consider upgrading to Windows 8 as it is kind of end-of-life for Microsoft support of Windows XP. Microsoft has announced that it would offer a Windows 8 upgrade for a mere $39.99 and that surely is an attractive price. Well, you should also need to know that, there’s another best way to get Windows 8 OS and the answer is Windows InTune which includes with a license for Windows 8 as well.

Subscribing to Windows InTune can cost you $11 per month. Although the cost can equate to three times the cost of purchasing the Windows 8 upgrade. But, it may prove worthwhile for a lifespan of two to three years for the most current Windows version. Well, the major advantage of subscribing Windows InTune is that you get a license for whatever the latest of Windows version is. In addition, Windows InTune comes bundled with a variety of tools including Active Directory integration, mobile device management, and third-party software deployment.

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