Windows 8: Ready to challenge Apple and Google

Microsoft has released many operating systems. One such latest release is Windows 8 operating system. If you already have a system with other operating system, you can upgrade it to Windows 8 and this runs on all hardware. The only change is in its Metro interface which is again optional. Besides Windows 8, Microsoft also planned to release a new operating system that can completely change the computer world. It’s also named as Windows but it’s titled as Windows on ARM. To know more about the windows 8 drivers and windows 8 read the full article.

Windows 8 is designed mainly for personal computers, laptops and mobiles. Moreover, this OS can also be incorporated in smart phones. The main ambition of Microsoft is to fill the gaps between the smart phones and laptops by introducing a wide variety of PCs with light systems and prolonged battery life.

Any device that works on Arm processors will run Windows. Now from Microsoft’s side, the emphasis is more on producing tablets that work on Arm processors and the whole world is expecting such products from the Microsoft. Soon after the release of Windows 8 many companies started thinking of making Smart phones using Windows 8. But Microsoft locked the hardware specifications of WOA devices. It’s a strange decision from the Microsoft to lock down the hardware specification of tablets thereby killing the popularity of the device.

Nowadays Apps of Apple and Android are getting more and more popular because they provide more apps compared to Windows. So in order to sell more hardware, workable software is needed and if you want to sell more software you need to sell a lot of hardware. So Microsoft is now trying to establish in the market by introducing Windows 8 drivers which can be used for many applications.

Besides this Microsoft is a dominant force in the modern business as well as in the customer world. There are lots and lots of hardware and software that are owned by Microsoft. Also it has Office, one of the most productive tools that are used by most of the business companies.

Thus it’s clearly understood that Microsoft will leave no stone unturned to challenge Apple or Google and will not stop introducing new devices to remain an undaunted leader of the industry.