Know About The Windows To Go Workspace Feature In Windows 8

If you are using a Windows 8 computer, you would have noticed the Windows To Go feature. According to sources, this feature has been regarded as the most advanced one ever to be introduced in this operating system. This option enables the Windows 8 users to create a portable live version of fully functional the OS termed as Windows To Go Workspace. Thus, with this option, you would be able to save the portable Windows 8 operating system on an external device such as a USB drive. Later on, this would help you in running the OS on any other PC.

However, this feature is not available in all the Windows 8 versions. Instead, you can find the Windows To Go Workspace application only in the Enterprise version of the Windows 8 operating system. Once you have the feature, you wouldn’t need to install it again in any other computer system. All you require is to insert the USB drive in the computer and then shut down the computer. Thus, you would be able to use the full version of Windows 8 in the computer from the next moment itself.

Microsoft has introduced this feature focusing especially on the business professionals. If you are traveling or just away from your workplace, and do not have access to your personal Windows 8 computer, this amazing feature would prove to be extremely handy. You simply need to carry the USB drive with you and you can insert it in any other computer system and run the system in the Windows 8 platform.

Now, you might think every USB drive can accomplish this task of creating the Windows 8 versions in another system. According to the Windows tech support, only those USB drives having Designed for Windows logo on it can be used to port the operating system. The host computer system on which you are planning to run the operating system should have certain system requirements. For example, if your chosen computer system has been certified to use Windows 7 or Windows 8, you don’t have to worry about running Windows 8 on it. The basic system requirements that the computer should comprise of are at least 1GHz processor and 2 GB RAM.