The Worrying Plans Of Microsoft

The latest release of the Windows 8 operating system suggests that changes are necessary in the OS and it remains a big moneymaker for Microsoft. They should include about five years of free upgrades with any new Windows license or device. If users wish to start fresh with a new copy of the Windows 8.1, they will have to pay $120. It will be good if Microsoft could include five years of upgrade in this cost.

This would be the best way because if each upgrade is sold independently, as Apple has been doing until now, most of the users will be running old software for long. The users will not be buying the upgrades even if they were sold at rates as cheap as $20. You can count on the users buying a new device within five years.

The Windows 8 versions were not good as the Windows 8.1 versions. There were numerous complaints about the Windows 8 versions from around the globe by many of the users. Among all the complaints, those about the missing Start button were the predominant one. The users were not at all satisfied by the missing Start menu and this led to numerous complaints and discussions in the Microsoft support forums.

We all know that all the service pack upgrades were offered free by Microsoft. Windows 8.1 update was also offered to the Windows 8 users for free. This was provided free every time the user buys a new laptop or computer from any OEM, which includes Microsoft also. The only money that Microsoft would lose if they wish to compete 100% is on the upgrade licenses. These are normally cheaper than the standalone licenses, but compared to the sales that Microsoft gets through OEM’s, they are not likely to lose much sleep over it.

Since we have already seen Microsoft offering Windows 8 as a discount for a few months, we may see the next version of Windows, the Windows 9 coming free or for a very cheap rate. However, any of the upgrade versions of Windows 8 is going to be free. The Office suite is also provided free with the regular Surface to compete against the free iWork by Apple. In no time, we may see a free Office touch version with Windows 8.1, unless the government interferes with this for competition reasons.