Windows 8 And Windows 8.1 Market Share On The Rise

When it comes to Windows 8, we are more used to hear criticisms, complaints and many other things. Of course, there many reasons why the OS had to face a lot of flak from users, experts and pretty much every Windows OS user who has used the OS. One of the main reasons is the UI. The problem is that the Modern UI is either too modern or confusing for the users. If you compare Windows 8 versions with Windows 7 ones, you will see drastic differences. Actually, UI wise there is really not much common between the two new operating systems.

Windows 7 users complain that Windows 8 UI is difficult to adapt to and not good for use on PCs. This is a serious reason why the market share growth for the Windows 8/8.1 has been so slow. Even some of the familiar features have been unceremoniously removed in Windows 8. We are talking of the beloved Start Menu and Desktop. Agreed, there is a Desktop mode, but users would have to traverse to huge lot of confusions before reaching the Desktop mode. Even the help and support features which are supposed to aid the user is insufficient and fails to be helpful at times.

But, you might not believe, things are changing, at least market-share-growth-rate-wise. Since we are so used to complain about Windows 8 and Windows 8.1 and saying that losing usage share month on month, we might have overlooked the latest trend. Windows 8/8.1 is making a comeback, as if some kind of an anomaly.

Last few months, as per the latest usage share figures from a web analytics firm, the latest OS use grew significantly, and Windows 8.1 (finally) has taken off. In fact, the growth rate of Windows 8.1 in that month is really impressive. In the month of September, Windows 8 just had 5.59 percent usage share. Now the share has grown nearing six percent. For Window 8, this shift is in the right direction.

At the same time, for Windows 8.1 however, the stats show that from 6.67 percent in September now it has astoundingly reached around 11 percent and it is increasing. This is a huge shift by a margin of 4.25 percentage points. All in all, Windows 8 versions along with Windows 8.1 have gained 4.54 percentage points.

This sure looks amazing. In perspective, Windows 8x now has 16.8 percent of the market share, which was not expected earlier by analysts around the world.