AVerMedia Drivers

AVerMedia Technologies, Inc. is a leading manufacturer of digital multimedia technology and audio/video peripherals. Established in 1990, AVerMedia has grown to become a global player in the industry, known for its innovative products that enhance and simplify the digital entertainment experience.

One of AVerMedia's primary product categories is video capture and streaming solutions. They offer a wide range of capture cards and devices designed for content creators, gamers, and professionals. These devices allow users to capture, record, and stream high-quality video content from various sources, including gaming consoles, cameras, and computers. AVerMedia's capture cards are popular among streamers and YouTubers for their reliability and ease of use.

In addition to video capture, AVerMedia manufactures a variety of other multimedia products, including webcams, microphones, and video conferencing equipment. Their webcams deliver crystal-clear video quality, making them a preferred choice for online meetings, live streaming, and content creation.

AVerMedia also specializes in digital TV tuner solutions. They offer TV tuner cards and USB dongles that enable users to watch and record TV shows on their computers. These products support various TV standards, including DVB-T, DVB-T2, ATSC, and ISDB-T, catering to different regions and broadcasting systems.

Furthermore, AVerMedia provides comprehensive software solutions to complement their hardware. AVerMedia's software suite includes capture and streaming software, video editing tools, and drivers to ensure seamless compatibility and optimal performance with their products.

AVerMedia's commitment to quality, innovation, and customer satisfaction has earned them a strong reputation in the multimedia industry. Their products are trusted by professionals and enthusiasts worldwide for their performance and versatility, making AVerMedia a key player in the digital entertainment and broadcasting markets.