C-Media CM6533

C-Media CM6533

C-Media CM6533 Chipset

The C-Media CM6533 is a versatile USB 2.0 audio chip featuring an integrated 8051 microcontroller for flexible applications. It's equipped with a Tri-Colors PWM LED driver and offers two-channel ADC/DAC as well as an S/PDIF interface, making it suitable for a range of applications including headsets, docking stations, speakers, and microphones.

The built-in 8051 microcontroller can be customized for various applications, including Microsoft™ Lync/Skype/VoIP devices and Android Phone or Tablet/Slate docking devices. The CM6533 complies with USB Audio Class 1.0 and USB 2.0 Full-Speed standards, enabling plug-and-play functionality on major operating systems without additional software installation.

It integrates an equalizer on both playback and recording paths to compensate for microphone and headphone frequency responses. The CM6533 also incorporates 256K Byte flash memory (including 32KB for firmware programming) and an embedded crystal, minimizing the need for additional components and reducing overall Bill of Materials (BOM) costs.

Key Features:

  • USB 2.0 compliance with USB-IF certification.
  • USB Audio Class 1.0 compliance.
  • USB HID device class 1.1 compliance.
  • USB suspend/resume support.
  • Integrated USB transceiver and power-on reset circuit.
  • 256K Byte flash memory for customization.
  • 5-Band Hardware Equalizer with up to 4 preset modes.
  • MCU/Flash/GPIO control via HID/Vendor command interface.
  • 2-channel DAC outputs with headphone amplifier.
  • 2-channel ADC inputs.
  • Stereo microphone inputs with independent voltage bias pins.
  • Support for ADC DC offset cancellation high-pass-filter.
  • Optional digital S/PDIF output.
  • Configurable USB audio topology for Headset/Speaker/Microphone modes.
  • Microsoft® HID controls, including hot-key buttons.
  • Optional analog DC VR volume control pin.
  • Various control interfaces including I2C/SPI/UART.
  • Tri-color PWM LED indicator control pins.
  • Available in 48-pin QFN and LQFP packages.

The C-Media CM6533 offers a versatile and integrated solution for USB audio applications with customization options and a range of features suitable for various product designs.