Onn. Multi-Port USB Hub with SD, Micro SD and Compact Flash Card Reader

These card readers don't required any extra drivers to be installed to operate on Windows 7+, if you are using one on Windows 98 the be sure to lookup USB storage drivers for Windows 98. If you are intending to use it on an Android Device you may run into trouble if you device doesn't allow external devices to be connected due to security settings.

Basic Specs:
  • USB/ Micro-USB/ USB-C cable 1.7 ft (52 cm)
  • 3 USB 2.0 ports
  • Supports CompactFlash (CF), SD, microSD, MiniSD*, MMC, MMC Micro* and MMC Mobile* (*via size adapters)
  • SD/microSD: Up to 20 MB/sec read, 25 MB/sec write speed 
  • CompactFlash: Up to 32 MB/sec read, 28 MB/sec write speed
  • PC, Mac & Android compatible