Crystal CS4231

Crystal CS4231

Crystal CS4231 Chipset

The Crystal crystal  CS4231A-KL is an audio codec chip developed by Crystal Semiconductor (now Cirrus Logic). It was commonly used in sound cards and other audio devices in the late 1990s. The CS4231 offered high-quality audio playback and recording capabilities for that time period.

The audio codec supported various audio formats and offered features such as hardware mixing, stereo enhancement, and 16-bit audio resolution. It also provided multiple channels for surround sound configurations and integrated MIDI capabilities.

The Crystal CS4231 was known for its compatibility with popular operating systems and was widely used in both professional and consumer audio applications. It played a significant role in providing improved audio experiences on personal computers during its time.

While the Crystal CS4231 is an older audio codec chip, it holds nostalgic value for some audio enthusiasts and is remembered for its contribution to early PC audio technology.