Dell OptiPlex 380 drivers

The Dell OptiPlex 380 was a reliable and affordable desktop computer designed for business and office use. Featuring a compact form factor, it offered space-saving efficiency without compromising on performance. Powered by Intel Core 2 Duo processors, it provided adequate performance for everyday computing tasks, such as word processing, web browsing, and email. Equipped with ample RAM and storage options, it offered flexibility to accommodate varying workloads and storage needs. With a range of connectivity options, including USB ports and expansion slots, it allowed for easy integration with peripherals and accessories. Overall, the Dell OptiPlex 380 was a cost-effective and dependable choice for small businesses and office environments.

OptiPlex systems these days are found pretty cheap at stores like Frys Electronic as factory re-furbished models for sometime under $100 which is really good value for a system like this.

The Dell OptiPlex 380 is a desktop computer targeted at corporate customers. The quality and stability of the system is much higher than that of Consumer desktop computers and are designed to operational 24/7. Drivers for the OptiPlex 380 are available on the Dell Website, also an archive of Drivers are available below.